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From sign painting to layout, to kerning, to casual scripts, to glyphic serifs, I love it all. There's nothing I enjoy nerding out about more than lettering. Whether you're looking for a logotype as unique you are, or just want someone to paint your business name on the side of your truck, I'll be excited to jump on board and that passion will translate to the end product.


I have a strong background in commercial design from my time in the ad-promo industry. Often times what would look beautiful as a print would look terrible on a business card or a t-shirt. With this kind of foresight from the get-go your brand will be prepared well into the future. No having to worry about "do I have the right format for this?" You'll have an arsenal of files ready for any situation.


While my illustration style is often described as "Disney-esque," I'm also proficient at more minimalist styles. The first two pictures on my work page are good examples. I've been influenced by people like Jessica Hische, Mike Mignola, Don Blooth, Frank Frazetta, and Jeffery Cathrine Jones.